We put safety first
Safety is everyone’s responsibility and K2 Gold is committed to creating a culture of zero harm and a workplace free of injuries and occupational illness. We genuinely care about the health and well-being of our people, our partners and our community members.

We conduct our business with integrity, transparency and fairness
We promote a culture of open and honest dialogue with stakeholders. We act in a fair, honest and non-discriminatory way in all our business activities.

We build and maintain genuine partnerships
We constantly work to form and maintain mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships with our core stakeholders including governments, First Nations/Tribes, local communities, shareholders and suppliers.

We prioritize local hiring and buying
We prioritize local peoples and vendors skill and expertise to multiply our positive impact on local, regional and national economies.

We empower local communities
We invest in social and economic opportunities to help the communities we operate in to continue to develop and prosper.

We reduce our environmental impacts
We will minimize energy and water use, manage waste and be a responsible steward of the natural environment.

We plan for closure at all stages
We rehabilitate our exploration sites as we go and we invest in economic and environmental reclamation of our projects, and surrounding areas prior to any exploration actions.

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